Scrapbooker for Hire!

Scrapbook Your Memories

Don't let your photos and memories sit on your computer or in a box any longer!

Do you want to leave a legacy for your family?  Do you have oodles and oodles of photos?  Are they scattered about...disclored...unorganized?  Are the memories and the stories behind the photos fading?  Are your memories stuck on your computer, your camera, or on a memory stick?  Do you love the IDEA of a personal scrapbook, but don't have the time, the energy, the tools, the supplies, the space, or know-how?  Do you want to leave a legacy for your family?

Let me do the work!  I will create a beautiful, custom scrapbook from start to finish that will last for many generations!

About Me:

I have been scrapbooking personally since 1999.  I was the one who went to the class kicking & screaming and vowed to never cut my photos!  I was hooked after the initial class and have become the biggest proponent of scrapbooking and a more avid scrapper than any of them…including my “sister” who taught me.

I have completed over 44 personal family albums both traditionally and digitally.  I hosted a crop group and taught many other like-minded women in my home and very much enjoy sharing my passion with others!  I am an avid photographer and have a dedicated home studio in a smoke-free home.  I have direct access to a computer, a color printer, color copier, and photo printer.  I own many of the hottest and most well-known products, gizmos, and machines.  I have designed layouts for a local scrapbook store, and a two-term design team @ Let's Scrap, and have many layouts published on various websites. 

Most importantly, I believe 100% in the power of completed scrapbooks and preserved photos.  The pursuit of keeping “caught up” with my photographs is ongoing, and I look forward to capturing each new memory in my albums. Likewise, your album will be lovingly completed with no detail overlooked.

Do I need to organize my photos?
Before the initial consultation, you should group similar photos together. Please have them in labeled envelopes or divided into groups by theme, page ideas or date.  Any other details you can provide in the envelope will be most helpful, i.e., date, person or event photographed, an event title, etc.  If you need help with this process, let me know. You can let me know during our consultation if there are any photos that should not be permanently adhered or cropped (the process of cutting the photo to a smaller size or shape). We will go over each group of photos and I will make notes of the important information about each photo or group. I can make a copy of any photograph if you do not want to use the original.

Can I use digital photos in my scrapbook album?
Yes!  If all of your photos are digital and saved on your computer please have them printed and mailed to me. I can also print your photos for you if you mail a disc or flash drive with all of your photos on it. There is an additional charge for photo printing services.

What is journaling?
Journaling is the description that your pictures tell. It is a very important part of your album. It explains who, what, where, when, why and how of each page or layout. I can leave a journaling space for you to do your own journaling or I can computer generate your journaling with a description that you provide for each layout. Your family will appreciate the story written in your own handwriting for generations to come.

Can I see some of the pages of my scrapbook before it is finished?
Is you desire, I can e-mail or use a photo sharing website to send pictures of all of your completed layouts. This will ensure that I am going in the direction that you envisioned. If you do need to change any of the designs or layouts, we can discuss it at that time.

Can I include memorabilia in my scrapbook?
Yes, you can include your memorabilia, i.e., ticket stubs, receipts, newspaper articles, brochures, postcards, etc.  in your album. I will decide on how to best use each a particular layout.  Some may be put in photosafe envelopes, directly adhered to the page, or photocopied.

What kind of materials will I use?
We will agree before the project gets underway as to what products will be used.  You do not have to commit to an album at the onset. 

How long will it take to complete my scrapbook?
This depends on how many photographs you want to use and the details of the album. All albums vary on style and pages. A 12" x 12" album with 20 pages (3-5 photos per page) can take anywhere from 4-6 weeks. A finished 12” x 12” album can hold between 40-45 finished pages (a 40 pg. finished album can contain anywhere from 120 – 200 photos). We will discuss all of this during our initial consultation.  You may also wish to consider an 8½” x 11” album (2-3 photos per page) or a small 8" x 8" album.

Starting with our initial consultation, I bill at a straight $20/hr for my time, while many other scrapbookers bill per page or finished layout.  Customer will reimburse 100% for all materials used in the album (receipts will be provided for each). A $200 deposit will be required before work will commence on your album. A customer agreement will be signed at the time of deposit payment. All direct expenses* will be billed to you via e-mail or PayPal, as they occur, with payment reimbursement due from you within 10 business days. 

            *Direct Expenses, included but not limited to:
·         All materials
·         Photo Printing
·         Copying
·         Mileage (billed at $.51/mile)
Some of the above will be produced in my home studio.  For these, the charges are as follows:
·         Photo printing 4” x 6”: $.35/ea.
·         Color copy 8 ½” x 11”:  $.50/ea.
·         B&W copy 8 ½” x 11”: $.10/ea.

Upon completion of the scrapbook, you will be billed the remaining cost of the album. (A payment plan can also be established.) Balance is to be paid in full upon my completion of album. Once I receive payment, your album will be available for pick-up, delivery or shipping. If your album has to be shipped, you will be responsible for shipping charges and they are due upon receipt of your completed album. I will e-mail you another bill for the cost of shipping.

Every attempt will be made to use all products selected for your album.  Please be aware, however, that many “scraps” are left from the process.  All unused product will be returned to you.

How do I pay for my scrapbook album?
I accept cash, personal checks, money orders, cashier's checks and PayPal. I also accept major credit cards through PayPal for the payment of your album. There will be a $25 fee on all returned personal checks.