Wednesday, May 30, 2012

5-30-12 Sketch

Here is the sketch for today over at Let's Scrap (come check it out):

And here is my take on it:

Subject matter: Bill (of course). He really is a fisherman, through and through. Absolutely loves it. There has never been any instance of Bill wetting a line without reeling in a fish...or two...or ten...or twenty.  Every single time, he catches something. His very favorite place to fish is the Miracle Mile in Wyoming (a good 5-hour drive from home), but...the fish there are (extra) huge for some reason. And, boy are they good eating! I always wish he could fish a little closer to home. This is Colorado...gosh darn it!!

(Technical) notes on the layout vs. the sketch:

If you'll notice, the little photos are supposed to be 2" x 2".  Well, I just couldn't bring myself to cut them any smaller.  They ended up at 2" x 3" which meant they were too large for inside the border area.  I "filled" in about 1.5" of extra space with the fisherman word paper (TPC Studio, Reel Me In).  The cute confetti circles (Little Yellow Bicycle) came that way.  I did not sew them!

Hmmm....makes me want to go camping!!

Monday, May 28, 2012

Summer Manifesto

On the (unofficial) start of summer, I thought it appropriate to perform the current excercise rolling through blogland.  I believe in the purpose.  I believe in list making and this will be my second attempt at accomplishing a long list of summer-to-dos.

Last year I wrote a post about can't-miss-summer photo opportunities (note:  I only marked off a few).  This week, as part of my new less-is-more attitude and the fact that I want to focus on my loved ones and the experience (and have more meaning in our activities), I've been revising my 2012 plans. This morning, I was totally inspired by several bloggers to revise, update & post my list:
  • Plan fewer errands, less time running around, wasting time!
  • Make regular plans to spend time with my kids, together & separately 
  • Camp somewhere/anywhere (even if means a tent)
  • Consume large amounts of watermelon, corn on the cob, potato salad & popsicles (maybe BUY ice cream from the ice cream man/truck)
  • Go to the farmer's market + buy local produce (can we try to do this at least every other Saturday?).  Make incredible veggie-based, delectable dinners & salads.
  • Go on bike rides (in the stoker seat on our tandem)
  • Enjoy an outdoor concert
  • Plan easy-to-make, simple ingredient dinners (while, hopefully, improving Bill's grilling skills)
  • Eat lunch & dinner outside - as often as possible
  • Go to a drive-in movie and feel all nostalgic and all
  • This will be the summer of reading a good book, or two, or several (outside on the newly refinished & refurbished deck). Since we won't be doing much travel, I've got loads of time.
  • WALK! every day, hand-in-hand with Bill (and Gracie), sharing & talking about life.  This is the second summer of our lost jobs (we've got the time).
  • Plan and have a family picnic
  • Feed the ducks (notice I said "feed" and not chase.  Talking to you, Gracie.)
  • Spend (the majority) of my afternoon's outside, instead of in front of the computer. Throw the ball and play chase with Gracie in the backyard. Include lots of bellyrubs and an outdoor bath or two.
  • Drink lemonade and sun tea.  Perfect the Arnold Palmer.   
  • Watch movies outside
  • Take an impromptu road trip (throw and go)
This summer I will keep two bags packed:
1.  For a sunworshipping trip to the pool, and
2.  For an impromptu hike in our beautiful Rocky Mountains

My biggest goals:
Slow down

The possibilities are endless.  C'mon summer...bring it on!

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

It's My Birthday and I'll Blog if I Want To!

Anyone remember Similac?
This photo won $50 from them
(or so I've been told.)
I love my Birthday.  Always have.  Always will.  Trying hard not to be like, "Happy Birthday to ME!" and sounding all nose in the air.

A'hem...excuse me.  I really call it my "Birthday Month."  God gave me a birthday month with 31 days in it.  Should use them all...

On my special day, although it is a Tuesday and I have to work, I thought I'd tell you 15 things you might not know about me:

1. I am 100% Heinz 57.  My maternal side is 50% German and 50% American Indian.  My paternal side has never really been documented...Irish?  English?

2. I was on the swim team in high school.  I had a beautiful swim stroke, although I wasn't very fast.  I also dove both the 1mm and 3mm boards and once competed in the Junior Olympics.

3. I was born here in Denver...a rare Colorado native.

4.  My favorite ice cream flavor is mint chocolate chip (though I can easily subsitute regular chocoloate chip at any time).  Hoping to score some tonight.  Mmmm…

5.  While all the other little girls were Brownies...I was a Bluebird.  They sold cookies...we sold candy.  Almond Roca was our big seller (and my fav).  My mom was the troop leader.  I eventually graduated to Camp Fire Girls.  Went away to summer camp.  Sang Kumbaya and learned how to make an award-winning s'more.  Had a uniform, a sash and all the badges...wonder what happened to that?

6. I LOVE to read and wish I had more time for it.  I love magazines and newspapers (in fact, I devour the Sunday paper every week).  I have a goal to finish one book a month.  Summer is my all time favorite time to read...outside...on the patio.

7.  Mexican food is my favorite.

8.   I detest being told what to do.  Okay, so I can act like a spoiled brat at times, but seriously, who likes to be told how-to-do something or what-to-do?  Just let me figure it out and do it on my own.  The more I’m told to do something unappealing to me, the more I’m inclined to do the opposite.  I’m disciplined – at least I used to be much more than now, but please don’t push me.

9.  I was a Pom-Pom girl in high school and a pretty good kid. I never got into any BIG trouble. Probably because I was too scared to pay the consequences.  Lol

10.  I very rarely lose my temper...but when I do it can be explosive!  I am composed and even tempered – 90% of the time.  There is nothing more powerful than remaining calm when the person in front of you isn’t.  Sure, I can be sarcastic.  I do it often under certain circumstances and I’m quite good at it. But, I’ll try to be sarcastically cool with a disappointed look.  For me to lose my temper means that all lines have been crossed, all barriers broken, and I can't keep a lid on it (just think me green, large, and hulkish) at that point.  I don’t like me when it comes to that.

11. I "used-to-could" sing!  I was pretty good.  I was in all the school choirs, a soloist, and a member of an invitation-only, District-wide choir for which I had to audition.  I was the lead in my 8th grade Operetta, "Don't Fold, Staple, or Mutilate."  I should try that again...some day.

12. When I was little, my dad worked for a moving company.  He brought home a lovely, gently-used, upright piano one day that the people no longer wanted.  So...I took lessons.  Weekly piano lessons.  An hour of practice  Played in spring & summer recitals.  Hated it.  I used to have to ride my bike (with the pink polka-dot banana seat) to my lessons.  Hated it.  Quit.  (Big mistake.)

13. I reall wanted to go to college.  I was smart.  Graduated high school with a 4.0 GPA.  I took the SATs.  Scored well.  Applied to only one college, the University of Northern Colorado, and was immediately accepted.  I never went.  Looking back, I'm sure it had to do with money.  My mom could've never afforded to put me through College.  By her encouraging me to take a full-time, well-paid job when I was 17...kinda put the kabash on College.  This is the one thing in my past I would change...

14. I love to travel.  Long distance, short distance, doesn’t matter. Love it, love it, love it!  I have visited several countries and there are lots on my bucket list.  I would entertain moving to a foreign country at a moments notice.  I will probably spend my last dime on a trip somewhere, anywhere.  I think discovering new places is one of the most fulfilling things in life.

15.  Lastly, I am disclosing my age.  Yes, I am 52 today.  My dad died at 52...four months after his  birthday of heart disease.  I am so taking better care of myself.

So...pardon me for being so self-indulgent.  Granted, I realize other people write their own birthday posts.  I just never thought I'd write one...that would seem...I don't know...weird. I worry about such stupid things. 

I've had a good day so far. Free coffee at the neighborhood coffee joint.  New shirt, jacket, and handbag to wear to work. Beautiful sunshiney day. Off @ 1:00 to enjoy the afternoon and get a pedicure.

Birthday lunch?  Check.

Birthday dinner.  Check.  Check.

It's a good day to celebrate.

Saturday, May 5, 2012


"Me? Cut a picture? You've got to be kidding. 
I could NEVER do that!"

"Well, yes, your albums are nice. 
 I just don't have that kinda time."

"Okay...okay, I'll come to your class and give it a try."

"Hmmm....I guess I might like to do it just for this
one vacation trip.  I guess I'll need an album, some adhesive, and paper."

"Well...I suppose I'm gonna need some templates, stickers, die cuts, and one of those trimmer things."

"You mean I have to write in my album? I will need some pens.
What should I write? 
What if I make a mistake?"
"I finished my first page.
 Do you like it? 
That was kinda fun and not so hard!"
"You know I have a ton of other family pictures, and gosh, I'd love to make albums for the kids.  I'll need another album and some more paper."
"You have printed paper?
And precut paper?
Well, that sure makes it easier, I'll take one of each!"
"NEW STICKERS? I'll take some!"
"NEW DIECUTS? I'll need those!"
Hmmm....I'm diggin' this...
wonder what my friends do with their pictures. 
"Oh, okay...I'll have a class for you, but I don't know if anyone will come."

"Wow - even bags and binders to get my supplies organized? 
I definitely need those!"
"Sorry honey, you'll have to make dinner - I'm off to a crop. 
And, next Friday too!  
Clean socks are in the dryer!"
"HOLD IT! I HAVE to get a picture of that for the scrapbook."

"Yes, I know.  It IS kind of an expensive hobby; but part of the fun of it is collecting all the stuff! 
I really will use that...I promise!"

"Guess what? I'm gonna sign up to be a consultant.
I've recruited so many friends that we need a place of our own.
  Is it okay if I take the basement?
I'll need to get tables, chairs, & shelving."

"Would you please wear this shirt?
I have the cutest paper to use in my layout and it will match perfectly!"

"Guess what?  I'm going away next weekend for a three-day retreat! 
It's only $225. 
Oh, I know it's kinda expensive...but just this once? 
You can have a Judy-free weekend!"

"STOP the car! 
Turnaround...I need a picture of that sign!"

"Honey, since Eric is gone, I think I'll move upstairs. 
I would really like to have a studio, instead of cropping in the basement. 
I'll need a desk, some shelving, and a new computer. 
A flatscreen TV would be great too!"

"You need to know when we went there? 
 Oh, let me check the scrapbook!"
"Yes, I have that (insert any product name) already,
but I NEED it in this color!"

"Oh, I know I said only a yearly retreat;
but now, there's one in the fall!"

"Guess how many pictures I took on our trip? 

"Life is crazy. 
Thank goodness, I have scrapbooking as a hobby. 
I don't know how I'd cope without it!"

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

5-2-12 Sketch

Do you ever get the feeling that what was once a really simple hobby (adding photos and words to a piece of paper to document a memory) has gotten really complicated?  Used to be so simple...just some stickers, some markers and a few photos (although they were cut into some really weird shapes!)  With the proliferation of scrapbooking "styles," projects, classes, books, and more, I often find my head spinning!

That's why it's just so super easy to follow a sketch!  Here is this week's sketch @ Let's Scrap:

And, here's my take on it:

Disclaimer: Horrible pictures of me! Pulled my hair back into a ponytail, and I am definitely not the ponytail type. The picture Bill took of me behind the flower boxes makes me look like I am wearing a gigantic r/w/b holiday dress!

Couple of notes:

The patterned blue/white argyle paper came that way!  The only layering I added are the red fringe strips top & bottom and the scalloped red border 1/3 up from the bottom.  The fireworks and the title were cut from my Silhouette (!). The small ones were cut twice, one in white and one in blue and then layered at the center with pop dots.  The large firework was cut three times: red, white & blue also layered in the center with pop dots.  Can you see the bling in the center of each?

Confession:  I did deviate just a bit on the four 2" square photos on the righthand side.  I had so many great photos of the fireworks...I just kept adding them!