Friday, December 17, 2010

Blue Man Group

Going downtown to the theatre is always a wonderful night out for us. This is just one of the little (big?) splurges that are such a treat to ourselves.  We started out the evening @ Lime on Larimer Square for dinner.  A trip to Larimer Square should be on every Denverite's Christmas event list.  It's really beautiful.

Then, we had an 8:00 p.m. date with these guys.
We should've known something was amiss when we arrived to our usual seats to find them covered with a black seat covering and a nicely folded rain poncho/slicker placed over the back of the chair.  What the hell?

Fashionable, aren't they?
Needless to say, there was a lot of "stuff" (goo, paint, jello, and some kind of sludge) that flys off that stage as the mute Blue Men go about their unique brand of entertainment.

Midway through the show, the orange jello mold gets a lot of play in the show.  Somehow (I'm not sure I caught the method of launch as it happened so quickly) it flys off the stage in a little arc and lands squarely in Bill's lap.  Well, that was a hoot.  Nice catch.  Those of us in the first four rows prompty make sure we are thoroughly covered under our free ponchos.  Well...not everyone.

The next bit has the Blue Men eating twinkies with their lovely assistant from the audience.  Near the end of the skit, the Blue Men regurgitate some kind of yellow sludge that shoots like a canon (a good 25' to 30') from the stage via some kind of an apparatus in their chest.  The audience moans very loudly.  Everyone ducks.  Well...not everyone.

Bill gets a nice shot of goo directly to the forehead.  Slimy, runny, goo.  Turns out its...mashed bananas.  Still, it's enough to trigger a gag reflex.

Notice the "sludge shooter" on Blue's chest?
Asking for a "blue" autograph...nice blue fingerprint across the front of my tickets.  How long will it stay wet?
Geez, shouldn't we get some kind of a refund if Bill is part of the show?

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