Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Happy National Camera Day!

Pretty sure this is the first camera I had. 
Gosh, have I always been a shutterbug?
Did you know that today is National Camera Day? However, I pretty much celebrate my camera EVERY day.  My camera(s) is an integral part of my daily life.  Thanks to my new iphone, I take quick snaps here and there to capture precious moments (and a lot of general every day silliness).  I  never have to miss a moment and there's no shortage of snapshots to go around.  I wonder...might I be getting a little over exposed?  Naw.

So today, take a moment and celebrate any kind of camera you have close by.  Marvel for just a moment at the technology.  Give thanks for the special memories that each picture gives to you.  Go ahead and give your camera or smartphone camera a kiss today.  Better yet...get out there and snap a picture -- or two.

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