Monday, April 29, 2013

Expecting Gavin

Hello everyone!  Boy, have I been an absent blogger!

Truth is, I've been planning a baby shower for the past two months!  We picked a date the first of March, then we visited three (yes, 3!) baby retailers to set up the registries.  My dear daughter, April, wanted to decorate the nursery with a jungle theme.  Well...that's all I needed to know and then...

...I was off and running.

First, I set about making the invitations. 
Technically (from the old school of etiquette), the Grandma does not host the shower, but I just couldn't resist jumping in and sprinkling a little bit of Judy all of the details!  Afterall, Oprah says, "Love is in the details."  Making the invitation got my head a-spinning!  And this one thing lead to another and another...

I happen to think a shower isn't complete without a couple of dorky games (even though the younger girls hate them).
Of course, games need prizes:
We need take-away party favors with a matching sign:

What's inside?
Why animal crackers of course!
April's shower was rather large.  Did I mention we had 40 RSVP's?  Forty?  OMG!

Oh, and what about a sign-in poster?  Could that be made a bit more permanently to hang in the nursery?
Maybe Gavin should have some custom nursery decor (thank you Pinterest!).  And, it could pull double-duty as the shower decor and after it can adorn the nursery. Genius.
Gosh, shouldn't the water bottles match?
Can you make some signs for the Mimosa bar?  Sure.
Wouldn't it be great if we could design cards for the guests to fill out to give Gavin a little love, good wishes, and life's blessings?  Wouldn't it be great if they were sized 4" x 6" to slide perfectly into Gavin's ready-and-waiting Project Life First Year Scrapbook?
Do you think we need directional signs?

I think the new momma to be should also have a cute corsage:

I'm exhausted after the big event, but so happy to have helped give April a baby shower she'll never forget.  I'll be back with some "people" pictures!

P.S.  I'm tagging this post in the scrapbooking category. Why? Because if I weren't a scrapbooker, none of this would have been possible!

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  1. Hi Judy,
    An enjoyable read; wow, lots of fun happy work made; very interesting and fabulous too. I bet it was a fantastic event; looking forward to your next post with faces and the face of excited grandma to be :) I smile reading your P.S...yes you are true srcapbooker Judy!