Friday, March 14, 2014

@ 9 Months

@ 9 Months, he:
  • is a crawling machine
  • pulls himself to standing on almost anything
  • puts every "thing" in his mouth
  • says "ma ma" and "ba ba"
  • stands alone for about 5 seconds
  • make "ooh ooh ooh ooh" indian noise (if you pat his mouth)
  • is very curious and investigates non-stop
  • first tooth is barely visible (but has broken through!) hence, the jaw grinding instead of smiles
  • learning to wave
  • had first "spaghetti & beef" (Gerber) last night!
  • will walk almost any day
  • will no longer sit still and pose for pictures
  • somehow knows he is wearing a sticker.  Rips it right off.
And is loved beyond words.

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