Thursday, November 20, 2014

Gerber Photo Search

Hello there!

I'm popping in on my very neglected blog to ask for a shameful plug.
Your support.
Your votes!

My dear daughter asked for a fall photoshoot with her small family.  I obliged.  I did not know that photographing a 17-month-old was gonna be a bit like harnessing the wind!  We had a beautiful (albeit rather late) Sunday afternoon planned to capture this sweet family.

We did not get many posed shots.  He was simply having none of it.  So, we let him wander, and I began chasing him with my camera.

I was lucky enough to capture him mid-stride strolling down the path.

It has become one of my very favorite shots of him.

My daughter has entered the photo in the 2014 Gerber photo contest, in the Toddler category.
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His entry id:  201128
State:  Colorado
Category:  Boy / Toddler

There is a $5,000 prize for each category. Boy, could they use the money, as any young couple I'm sure.

Won't you take a minute to vote for him?

You will have to enter your birthday, and your email address.  That's all.  You can vote once per day every day until December 14.

Thank you ever so much.


  1. Done. Hope Gavin wins. Good looks run in the family!

  2. Yes. Yes they do!
    Voting ends 12/14.
    You can vote once per day. Hint. Hint.