Friday, September 24, 2010

Can I have the Check Please?

I can't take the credit for this idea, but do love it!  I saw this in the most recent issue of Creating Keepsakes magazine and knew it would be perfect for my Paris scrapbook (which, BTW, I'm off to begin creating on my retreat coming up October 8th - and I can hardly wait.  But, I digress, back to the idea!).  I call it Can-I-Have-the-Check-Please journaling.  Perfect for any scrapbook page about eating, restaurants, cooking, food, drink, etc.  You get the idea!

I did this in MS Publisher.  Simply insert the .jpg and create a text box over it.  I created the text box with a 50% white fill to make the journaling "pop" just a bit.

The article goes on to say to stop by your favorite office supply store and pick up the real-deal forms.  I've found a perfect Guest Check on line and created my own printable forms.  Click here to download the .jpg version or here to download and print a .pdf and you can handwrite your journaling just like a real "order-taker"!

What do you think?

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