Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Hanging Lake...BREATHTAKING!

On the way home from our relaxing weekend in Glenwood Springs, our plans included a hike up to Hanging Lake (just outside of Glenwood Springs).  While the lake itself is breathtaking and a feast for the eyes, the rest of the body gets more of a burn.  Burn in the feet, burn in the legs, burn in the butt, and burn in the chest.  Just burn!  Although the experts have determined the hike to be a short one, just 1.2 miles, it is virtually straight up and most of the trail is littered with boulders.  The final turn before the reward is travertine rock stairs cut into a shear cliff complete with hand rails.

Mother Nature does not disappoint.  The lake itself is probably 20' deep and crystal clear.  You can see the moss and the rocks at the bottom of the lake. 

I've been here twice now.  The first time about 19 years ago.  A lot has changed in 19 years (most notably: I now have to haul a 50-year-old body up the hill), and I'm thankful for the improvements built at the lake. It still blows my mind how people cannot read the signs and respect the fragile ecosystem that has taken Mother Nature thousands of years to create.  This is truly a paradise for the senses only...respect it!

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