Tuesday, October 26, 2010

At the Patch

The garden is fading; its work is nearly done
Vegetables become sparse, except for the orange globes basking in the sun

It's been a good year for pumpkins, they've grown quite large and round
Deep orange or mixed with green, they lay scattered on the ground

Sometimes pumpkins make me think of pumpkin pie
Right now they are just beautiful... as the autumn days pass by

As I wander the field, images and designs jump into my head
Happy jack-o-lanterns, or goblins, with eyes of crimson red

Can’t be too tall, too round, or wobble just a little
He should be perfect, as I am very artful

As for my new friend, Jack
Well, his new home is here on our cul-de-sac

His belly will glow and burn boldly bright
to guide youngsters to our door this Sunday night.

Poem by yours truly.

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