Monday, September 5, 2011

Twenty Years Together

Happy Labor Day!  A day with many different meanings to different people.  A day off work.  A day to officially mark the end of summer.  A day to BBQ.  No more wearing white!  The beginning of fall.  etc.

To me, it is monumental.  It marks the 20th year with the love of my life.  My soul mate.  My best friend.  My man.

Yep.  20 years.

We are away for a little trip to celebrate our anniversary life together in Niagara Falls today.  A romantic destination we could reach in a few hours, use our miles to get there, and not have to go in debt to enjoy.  Really, I have secretly wanted to see the Falls for a long time...this just seemed like the time.

As we are enjoying some well-needed time away, I've taken some time (pre-trip) to reflect on this big accomplishment.  Twenty years is a long time.  Our lives our full. 

It's been quite a ride:
  • Successfully blended two families (can you say stepchildren?)
  • 120 birthday celebrations
  • Thousands of miles traveled.  Vacations both big and small.  
  • 16 Employers (most of them mine and a couple of them more than once)
  • Raised 4 kids into adulthood (whew!)
  • Worked together (in the same office) for 4 years
  • Loved 4 dogs. 
  • A bird, some fish, and a couple of hamsters were also part of the family.
  • Lost two parents
  • Battled 1 major illness
  • Sold a house...built a house 
  • Experienced 7,300 days of Bill's unique and entertaining sense of humor
  • Enjoyed 10,512,000 minutes of happiness

In retrospect, twenty years is nothing.  It has flown by in a wink of an eye.  I feel very fortunate to have found a man that loves me unconditionally.  A relationship I would not trade for another.  A gem of  a man unlike any I've met or known.  A love that lasts.

Looking forward to the next 20 and what is to come.  New experiences.  Hand in hand.

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