Monday, August 22, 2011

#12 - Take Gracie Swimming

Crossing #12 off The List! Turns out that there are a lot of places to take your dog swimming if you know where to look or are connected to the all-that-is-required-to-raise-an-active-dog circle (which I am not, but have a very good friend who wrote the handbook!).

In our case - lots of bark.  Little splash.  Loads of fun!

Yes.  It's a real event.  Requires pre-registration and a fee!  Turns out that the city of Lakewood lets the canine population swim in the local community pools just prior to the draining and winterization (August 22 in Denver seems a wee bit early to me).  Oh, and the pooch gets a goody bag!

Turns out that my water loving little girl only likes water that comes out of a hose, a faucet, a sprinkler, a stream, or in her water dish.  She's not a swimmer nor does she like swimming pools (be it the large kind or the baby kind).  She's more of a spectator really.

She did have a tremendously good time seeing all the other dogs and their water antics.  She did chase a ball into the (baby) pool, but if it went further than she could reach, she quickly lost interest.  On a few occasions, her mom helped her into the pool to get that ball (for a very quick exit and a shower shake to let me know that is a no-no). 

Another thing, the baby pool isn't really for babies either.  Isn't there some kind of height restriction or age limit for swimming in a baby pool?  Those giant dogs tromping around in the baby pool scared the bejesus out of Gracie.  Definitely a deterrent to getting in!

All in all a good event (great photo opp).  She was tuckered out.  Slept the whole way home. Oh, and the mom came home wetter than she.

We may try again.  Next year.

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