Friday, January 18, 2013

I've Been Bitten... the Grandma bug!  What is it about finding out that you're gonna be a Grandma that makes you want to crochet?  Anyone else had that side effect? I made this:

For all of my very dear scrapbook friends and readers, this doesn't mean I'm giving up scrapbooking or photography.  Heaven's no.  I just wanted to crochet a baby afghan for my dear daughter for a pre-baby shower, pre-knowing-the-sex, pre-anything-baby-related gift...for Christmas.  I choose to believe that it's not bad luck to do so.

My Grandma made me my baby afghans.  Heck, she made afghans for everyone.  Giant ones.  And crocheted doilies.  Remember them?  She taught me how to crochet some 35 years ago.  She was a crocheting phenom.  She always had a project going and a hook and yarn in her hands.  I will never forget how her hands looked when she was working.  She was fast.

I made both of my babies an afghan as well.  Granted, mine were no where near as spectacular as my Grandma's work, but there is an enormous amount of pride when you wrap your precious baby in something you've made with your own hands.  Every stitch created with love and hope for the future.

So, on a mission, I hit the yarn sale @ Michael's and picked up three gender neutral baby yarn colors and went to work.  I decided on a big granny square.  It was either that or a ripple afghan.  Those are the only two I know how to do.  Before I even made one stitch, I went to the internet...spent loads of time on the how to's.  Seems anyone can learn and teach yourself a new skill via the web these days.  So many talented people out there willing to share their talent and knowledge. Free patterns.  Great instructions.  How-to videos galore.

I chose this pattern.  It didn't take me very long to create this giant square.  I worked on it while watching TV.  When I was finished, I decided it needed a more fancy finished edge.  I found that here.  Added that too.

Doesn't it look soft?  Light & fluffy?  Warm? I wish you could reach right in and touch it.

Needless to say, I was practically busting my buttons over the finished blanket.  I couldn't wait to give it to April for Christmas, but I had leftover yarn (I still do).  Hmmm....wonder if I can teach myself to make a pair of matching baby booties?  Well, thanks to these videos on You Tube, turns out that I can indeed!

Aren't they adorable?

I give full credit to these three awesome internet instructions, videos, patterns & tutorials. And, a big thank you to my Grandma for her patience with me and teaching me a skill of yesteryear.  I think I created a beautiful one-of-a-kind gift.  It was the hit of the family gift exchange.  Brought tears to my eyes to give it to April and she was tearful to receive it.  It was a good moment indeed.

Oh, lord help me if that little peanut is a girl.  She's gonna have a gazillion crocheted headbands!

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