Saturday, January 5, 2013

New York City Holiday!

We had such a wonderful time in New York this past week. When Bill's brother, Ted, invited us out to spend a few days in the city for New Year's, we gladly accepted!  (I'm still not sure he really meant "come visit me"). 

New York City is absolutely gorgeous all decked out for the holidays.  I can honestly say there is no better place to spend the holidays.  I absolutely love the smell of all the food trucks and cart vendors on the city streets (minus the smell of burnt chestnuts!  They're supposed to be roasted people.)  I think I stayed hungry the entire time we were there.  I'm sure there are many people who HATE the smells of NYC.  It's definitely not normal for us but it does lend a certain charm, right?

Seeing the giant tree at Rockefeller Center was at the top of our list of things to do in NYC. We walked here our first day, watching the skaters on the ice below.  Gigantic, fluffy, white, wet snowflakes really complimented our first day in the city.  Thank you mother nature!

Colorful Times Square.

We really wanted to see a show on Broadway. The last time we were here, Broadway was on strike, and our pre-paid tickets were null and void.  We picked Nice Work if You Can Get It starring Matthew Broderick.  I wasn't sure if there would even be tickets available, but we hit the TKTS booth on Times Square and they were 40% off for the 2:00 matinee....five rows from the stage! It was the cutest show ever, and I’m so, so glad we went.  Mr. Broderick is very charismatic and the show was just plain silliness and visually stunning. Broadway sets are over the top.  Every scene was great.  Some of the set emerges out of the center of the stage floor.  Other pieces move in & out from the wings.  I was constantly snapping pictures in my head.  And the musical had several songs I recognized.  Wow.

We decided to do a second show the very next day.  Back to the TKTS booth.  Lines were much longer and there were so many people!  I was not sure what to expect for day two, but we managed to get tickets to Evita starring Ricky Martin...11 rows dead center.  Doesn't get much better than that.  I really enjoyed Evita as well, but the story is a sad one, and I have seen it before (in Denver).  I'm still really impressed over Broadway shows, but my favorite was definitely Nice Work if You Can Get It.  Yeah, I would go see it again!

The entire city is really decked out in fabulous Christmas decorations.  Each one more fabulous than the last!

Macy’s looked just magical on 34th street.

Oh my gosh, this is one gigantic store! One entire NYC block. Eight massive floors of shopping.

How sweet are their Christmas lights?

We walked down 5th Avenue just so I could see the magical, over-the-top retail storefront windows.  
L to R:  Bergdorf Goodman, Saks Fifth Avenue, Prada
Yes, the snow globes turn!
All the buildings were so fun. Here’s Cartier.

And Fendi.  The lights twinkle & fall like dripping icicles.

Harry Winston.

I loved the Bulgari building!  The strobe lights on the snake were breathtaking...

Saw this homeless guy @ a church.
(wink. wink.  He's with me.)
The Empire State Building sported many different colors while we were in town.  Here it is decked in it's New Year's finery.

Ah, we finally made it to Little Italy! I had not been here prior.  Loved this little town-within-a-town.  We had the best meal @ Positano's.  The pasta fagoli soup is garlic heaven.  Alessandro, our host, was very gracious.  He bought the second pouring of red wine and our dessert.  We'll so be back!

We enjoyed a leisurely stroll through Central Park before the big event.  It's so true about escaping the hustle and bustle of the city.  There really is a calm in the park.  You might forget you're in the big apple!  The starkness of winter has set in...not one leaf in sight, but the grass was still green!  Go figure. 

Yes. We watched the ball drop. Ted sent us out on our own. Wouldn't go with us. Never seen it...never will.  Huh?  I'm going to devote an entire post about that...insanity!

New Year's Day, we visited the 911 Memorial.  The fountains are an exact footprint of both World Trade buildings.  It is eerily soothing.  Somber.  Calming.

Thanks, Ted.  We had a ball (pun intended). 

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