Thursday, January 9, 2014

More Silhouette Love

Today, I wanted to share my very first experience with Heat Transfer Vinyl (HTV) cut with my Silhouette Cameo machine.  When I say this machine is fabulous, I ain't kidding.  I've really gotten to try some new features with it this past month, and I'm more in love with it now than ever.

These two onesies were in Gavin's hodge-podge-box-of-baby-cuteness that Grandma gave him for Christmas.  He coulda cared less, but his mommy loved 'em!

Left side:  What Does the Fox Say, modeled after the viral youtube sensation and the song we play ALL THE TIME, was cut with two different colors of HTV.  I ordered the SISER EasyWeed from  Loved it!  It transferred like a dream.

Right side:  I <3 Mom, is my original design and was cut with Silhouette's brand of HTV.  I didn't love this brand as much.  It was harder to work with and took FOREVER to transfer.

Both of these were transferred using my regular old iron (which doesn't see much use nowadays) on my kitchen counter.  I used parchment paper as a buffer.

I'm not yet sure how they will hold up to Mr. Seven-Months-Old or repeated washing, but they looked good once...

What's that you ask?  Am I leaving the scrapbooks behind and going into the shirt business?  Ha!

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  1. How did it hold up after washing? Mine keeps coming off after washing =(