Thursday, January 30, 2014

Scrapbooking is Changing

What is going on with this hobby passion of mine? 
  • Creative Memories is bankrupt (although there is a new simpler line under a new name)
  • Archiver's also bankrupt, closing stores all over the country
 (insert temper tantrum, hysterical crying, kicking my legs, and beating my hands on the floor)
  • My favorite magazines are ending and some are "online only"
  • Favorite websites/stores closing down
  • "New" ways of scrapbooking are emerging (hello "pocket" scrapbooking).  Is this really scrapbooking?  
Yet, with today's technology, more photos are being taken than ever before.  It has been decided that the next generation of women, i.e., my daughter, have no desire to scrapbook.  If you ask to see photos of her son, she'll whip out her iPhone and scroll through hundreds of pictures.  I'm the one making his scrapbooks! And...she loves them...but doesn't want to make one?

I read this article yesterday and shared it via FB. 

Heartbreaking.  For "old ladies" like me, is the traditional way of scrapbooking gone by the wayside?   What does this mean for our favorite craft?  Where am I to get supplies?  Where are we girls supposed to gather? The shopping and "gathering" of supplies was a big part of the fun.  Disclaimer:  if I were to live to 100 and scrapbook everyday, I would never use all the supplies I have!

Still...I vow to not quit.  This industry has become a great part of my heart and my life.  I cannot imagine my life without it. 


  1. I totally understand what you are talking about! I am still not happy about the magazines. There are some good online stores but there is something so fun about shopping for goodies-that is for sure! I think it will come back around-everything makes a resurgence. :)

  2. I feel your pain! I too am making scrapbooks for my son/DIL. I've even made a mini album & given to her-it sits empty in her house somewhere! Losing our stores is a hard hit. If Hobby Lobby ends up closing-I'm going to cry! I guess like quilting-we'll take our talent to the grave! Hugs in VA.