Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Dear Photograph

I cannot take credit for this brilliant idea.  There is a website dedicated to the art of "taking a picture of the past in the present" (link below).

I had a wonderfully nostaglic night looking for old photos that might work for this purpose.  I headed to my childhood home with several photos in hand.  Imagine my surprise to arrive on Lafayette Street, to find the house for sale.  Is there a message here for me?

In any case, here's the photo I chose.

Dear Photograph,
Now I remember why I don't wear short hair or a bikini!
(circa 1967)
Standing there curbside, the memories came rushing in...

But, what if I could talk to that little girl?  What would I tell her?  Several things:
  1. Relish your childhood (life is going to get rough)
  2. Love harder (they will not be here for long)
  3. Don't quit the piano!
  4. Make smart(er) decisions
  5. Go to college
  6. Take better care of yourself
  7. You turn out okay
  8. You'll live a fulfilled life
To participate in the process, go here:

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  1. Wonderful matter whose it was! Love it!