Monday, August 1, 2011

Deck Love (part 1)

Thanks to blogland, I stumbled upon a post written about reclaiming & redesigning your deck, I wondered...could that work for us?  Yes it can!  We've been working hard on getting our deck all gussied up and beautified (is that a word?) and taking it back (literally) from the birds.  The history is that when we built the house, we had the option (added expense of course) to extend our deck...and because there were not many additional options that we didn't take, we had it enlarged.  I did not know at the time, how the neighborhood would lay out and how the slope of the lot would come into play.  (Hard to envision, when you're looking at dirt.)  Although I don't regret the larger deck or the corner lot, I have always felt like we are on display for the whole neighborhood to see every time we go outside to the deck.  Also, because of our south-facing home, we get the hot, blaring sun as it sets every single day which makes for very uncomfortably bright and hot patio time. I have always wanted to add a roof, but would've settled for a motorized awning.  Could never get Bill to come over to the dark side and spend a few dolores.

But, this year, while I was out shopping for my annual flowering plants, I stumbled across this pergola.  I loved it.  Wondered...could it fit?  I hurried home to measure and happened to see it on sale in the Sunday paper.  Karma?

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