Monday, August 15, 2011

#41. Go on a hike

From my earlier "summer photo prompts" list was #41 - go on a hike.  For lots of reasons:
  1. Exercise Gracie (a tired puppy makes for a pleasant evening)
  2. Enjoy beautiful Colorado
  3. See something new
  4. Get fresh air
  5. Exercise Judy (and Bill)
Truth is, this is our 3rd day-hike this summer - all of which have been fabulous.  We are really enjoying this activity and find ourselves getting into it more and more.  We've got backpacks, new hiking boots, rain gear (due to not being prepared on an earlier hike), trekking poles, and a portable jet boil (for a hot meal when we come off the mountain).

Just yesterday, we conquered Blue Lake (in the Brainard Lakes area north of Nederland) a 5.1 mile roundtrip trek.  Probably the most beautiful of the three hikes so far. The wildflowers are beautifully abundant this late in the summer because of the record snowpack.

Enjoy the scenery!

Looking back down the valley.

Almost there.

The payoff.

August snow melt.

Just included this one for grins!

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