Wednesday, December 21, 2011

"Must-Have" Holiday Photos!

I had planned to post this early after Thanksgiving, so we could all get those December photos and not have to be wishing we had taken a picture of this or that come January when we sit down to scrapbook them or put them in our Project Life books.

So, better late than never right?

Since we're down to almost "the day" and besides the routine normal holiday photos, here are my ideas for some new, "must-have" Christmas photos (and in no particular order):

  • Relatives (either coming or going) (bearing gifts would be nice!)
  • Setting the table (remember this photo before you all sit down) (don't forget to light the candles)
  • Baking and/or candy making (either the process or the beautiful trays of goodies)
  • Wrapping presents (set your photo on the table and use your self-timer for a great perspective of your hands in action!)
  • Last minute shopping? (parking lots, lines, cash register, receipts, etc.) (I also love retail signs on doors stating holiday shopping hours)
  • Group family shots (those are a tradition at our house, using a tripod and the timer)
  • Stockings ready for Santa (love the shot of them stuffed to the brim on Christmas morning)
  • Leaving cookies out for Santa (don't forget the milk)
  • Holiday cocktails (peppermint martinis anyone? so festive with a candy cane garnish) (I also love eggnog with nutmeg sprinkled on top with a shot of most any kind of liqueur)
  • Family traditions (what is that your family does without fail?)
  • Christmas PJ's (either opening them or wearing them on Christmas morn)
  • Christmas love/joy (kisses, hugs, mistletoe)
  • If you don't already have a gazillion shots of your tree, remember to photograph it in low light on Christmas Eve
  • The "aftermath" (the mess/chaos of gift opening)
  • Pick a shiny ornament from your tree and see if you can photograph the reflections (the dog, the family, gifts, lights, etc.) (use your macro setting)
  • Don't forget your pet (see if you can get yours to sit or lay under the tree) (mine won't)
Camera settings/hints/know-how/practice reminders:
  • Turn off your flash
  • Use your tripod in low light situations
  • Use the self-timer
  • Remember to "get in the photo"
  • Charge your batteries!
  • Look for candid shots (not posed)
  • Look for people interacting with each other
  • Take loads of pictures/edit & delete later
  • Hand your camera to someone else 
Enjoy your holiday!

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