Tuesday, January 10, 2012

January Photo Prompts

So...it's only January 10.  Not too late for my monthly photo prompts checklist.  Is it?

For any new readers...I do not have little children at home.  No grandchildren either.  Just me, my man, and my dog.  Our kids are grown.  We are empty nesters.  So, my photo list comes from my little piece of the universe (sans kid-related activities).  Here goes:
  • what goes up/must come down (if yours are still up, get a shot of those beautiful, treasured Christmas decorations going back to their storage areas) (got any lazy neighbors with theirs still up?  We do!)
  • clean & organized (doesn't the house always feel new & fresh in January?)
  • New Years Resolutions
    • exercise anyone?
    • how 'bout a diet or just eating well/better
    • If you're embarking on a weight loss journey, make sure to get a shot of you now (the "before" shot)
  • "January" aka Winter Wonderland
    • new snow
    • beautiful winter sunsets
    • shoveling snow
    • scraping frosty car windows
    • frozen lakes
    • neighborhood snowmen
    • ice is great to shoot (use your macro setting)
    • geese (why are they still here?)
    • your backyard
    • winter golfers (this past week, they were wearing shorts!)
  • New look, new hair? (Bill has a new "do" and so does Gracie!)
  • Winter wear
    • new boots?
    • gloves & hats
  • Cooking & Recipes
    • soup, Soup, SOUP
    • crock pot meals
    • squash
  • Sports (it's Tebow Time here in Denver) (this past Sunday's game was my POTD) Exciting! And, I'm sure we'll be watching next Saturday night!
  • Holiday weekend - for a lucky few, a three-day weekend is upon us...going anywhere fun?  warm?
  • Are you a movie afficionado?  We are!
Don't forget to hand your camera to someone else.  Get yourself in the picture!

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