Friday, January 13, 2012

One Little Word

J - is for Joy, just as J is for Judy. Coincidence?
I'm joining in on the One Little Word process this year.  The simple premise behind this is to find a meaningful word and make it visible throughout the year.  Live with it.  Invite it into your life.  Let it speak to you. Follow where it leads.

My word for 2012:  Joy

Granted we've got big, BIG goals for 2012, but I want to just insert one simple word into the year:  Joy.  I need a new perspective on a lot of things.  I want to have more joy in my life.  I want to (en)joy the year.  I want to make the year so much better in a lot of simple, easy ways.  There is still much of my life that is good, but I think it can be improved upon by finding the joy.

Joy in all that we do.
Joy in all that we have.
Joy in each other.
Joy in our kids.
Joy in our home.

So this year, a new Judy (on the inside) and with a new outlook.  Yes, I want to believe that we have huge possibilities and 2012 is the year for us.  Something big.  I want to take every little minute and live it fully, savor it, and (en)joy it for all it is worth and all that it is. I am going to (en)joy every smile, every gesture, every touch, every hug. This year, I will embrace chaos (with joy).  Find the beauty.  Find my peace.  More joy.

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  1. great word of the year, judy. I hope you have a very joyful year!

    I wrote about my word of the year on my blog if it interests you to read it! :)

  2. Love your word!-I am your newest follower from Layla's party-Stop by for a visit!