Saturday, May 5, 2012


"Me? Cut a picture? You've got to be kidding. 
I could NEVER do that!"

"Well, yes, your albums are nice. 
 I just don't have that kinda time."

"Okay...okay, I'll come to your class and give it a try."

"Hmmm....I guess I might like to do it just for this
one vacation trip.  I guess I'll need an album, some adhesive, and paper."

"Well...I suppose I'm gonna need some templates, stickers, die cuts, and one of those trimmer things."

"You mean I have to write in my album? I will need some pens.
What should I write? 
What if I make a mistake?"
"I finished my first page.
 Do you like it? 
That was kinda fun and not so hard!"
"You know I have a ton of other family pictures, and gosh, I'd love to make albums for the kids.  I'll need another album and some more paper."
"You have printed paper?
And precut paper?
Well, that sure makes it easier, I'll take one of each!"
"NEW STICKERS? I'll take some!"
"NEW DIECUTS? I'll need those!"
Hmmm....I'm diggin' this...
wonder what my friends do with their pictures. 
"Oh, okay...I'll have a class for you, but I don't know if anyone will come."

"Wow - even bags and binders to get my supplies organized? 
I definitely need those!"
"Sorry honey, you'll have to make dinner - I'm off to a crop. 
And, next Friday too!  
Clean socks are in the dryer!"
"HOLD IT! I HAVE to get a picture of that for the scrapbook."

"Yes, I know.  It IS kind of an expensive hobby; but part of the fun of it is collecting all the stuff! 
I really will use that...I promise!"

"Guess what? I'm gonna sign up to be a consultant.
I've recruited so many friends that we need a place of our own.
  Is it okay if I take the basement?
I'll need to get tables, chairs, & shelving."

"Would you please wear this shirt?
I have the cutest paper to use in my layout and it will match perfectly!"

"Guess what?  I'm going away next weekend for a three-day retreat! 
It's only $225. 
Oh, I know it's kinda expensive...but just this once? 
You can have a Judy-free weekend!"

"STOP the car! 
Turnaround...I need a picture of that sign!"

"Honey, since Eric is gone, I think I'll move upstairs. 
I would really like to have a studio, instead of cropping in the basement. 
I'll need a desk, some shelving, and a new computer. 
A flatscreen TV would be great too!"

"You need to know when we went there? 
 Oh, let me check the scrapbook!"
"Yes, I have that (insert any product name) already,
but I NEED it in this color!"

"Oh, I know I said only a yearly retreat;
but now, there's one in the fall!"

"Guess how many pictures I took on our trip? 

"Life is crazy. 
Thank goodness, I have scrapbooking as a hobby. 
I don't know how I'd cope without it!"


  1. Judy, Judy, Judy! You are both a creative scrapper AND writer! ;-)