Monday, May 28, 2012

Summer Manifesto

On the (unofficial) start of summer, I thought it appropriate to perform the current excercise rolling through blogland.  I believe in the purpose.  I believe in list making and this will be my second attempt at accomplishing a long list of summer-to-dos.

Last year I wrote a post about can't-miss-summer photo opportunities (note:  I only marked off a few).  This week, as part of my new less-is-more attitude and the fact that I want to focus on my loved ones and the experience (and have more meaning in our activities), I've been revising my 2012 plans. This morning, I was totally inspired by several bloggers to revise, update & post my list:
  • Plan fewer errands, less time running around, wasting time!
  • Make regular plans to spend time with my kids, together & separately 
  • Camp somewhere/anywhere (even if means a tent)
  • Consume large amounts of watermelon, corn on the cob, potato salad & popsicles (maybe BUY ice cream from the ice cream man/truck)
  • Go to the farmer's market + buy local produce (can we try to do this at least every other Saturday?).  Make incredible veggie-based, delectable dinners & salads.
  • Go on bike rides (in the stoker seat on our tandem)
  • Enjoy an outdoor concert
  • Plan easy-to-make, simple ingredient dinners (while, hopefully, improving Bill's grilling skills)
  • Eat lunch & dinner outside - as often as possible
  • Go to a drive-in movie and feel all nostalgic and all
  • This will be the summer of reading a good book, or two, or several (outside on the newly refinished & refurbished deck). Since we won't be doing much travel, I've got loads of time.
  • WALK! every day, hand-in-hand with Bill (and Gracie), sharing & talking about life.  This is the second summer of our lost jobs (we've got the time).
  • Plan and have a family picnic
  • Feed the ducks (notice I said "feed" and not chase.  Talking to you, Gracie.)
  • Spend (the majority) of my afternoon's outside, instead of in front of the computer. Throw the ball and play chase with Gracie in the backyard. Include lots of bellyrubs and an outdoor bath or two.
  • Drink lemonade and sun tea.  Perfect the Arnold Palmer.   
  • Watch movies outside
  • Take an impromptu road trip (throw and go)
This summer I will keep two bags packed:
1.  For a sunworshipping trip to the pool, and
2.  For an impromptu hike in our beautiful Rocky Mountains

My biggest goals:
Slow down

The possibilities are endless.  C'mon summer...bring it on!


  1. I love your "back to basics" to do list, Judy! While your list is long, my is short, but may accomplish close to the same thing: SIMPLIFY! Enjoy your summer, my friend!

    1.'re such a sweetie, a devoted reader and always the first (sometimes the only one) to comment. I appreciate you!