Friday, October 5, 2012

One Pink Nail

This is not my idea.  However, I am participating.

One small thing.  Lots of meaning.

I usually wear 10 pink nails the entire month of October, but I noticed something different recently. 


I hope many of you reading this will join me with ONE PINK NAIL for the month of OCTOBER!

Wear your chosen polish color on the other nine, but make your left ring finger the ONE PINK NAIL!

Why the left ring finger? It's said to have the vein connected to our heart (as in the reason behind the "traditional" wedding ring finger).  Hmmm, is that true?

Why one pink nail?

It will catch more attention than a full pink manicure and will give each person the opportunity to answer the question everyone is sure to ask, "Why just ONE PINK NAIL?"  (Everyone that knows me, will know the reason why and won't have to ask.)  It's to remind us during October (breast cancer awareness month), to do our monthly self-exam and for those over 40...get your mammogram!

That one pink nail may just save a life!

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