Saturday, October 5, 2013

Baby G's Digital Scrapbook

My daughter has received so many coupons and freebies from Shutterfly.  Just exactly HOW do they find out you have a baby on the way?
  • A coupon for her birth announcements
  • Two photobooks
  • Two $20 gift cards
Not bad (and no, this is not a paid endorsement).

Well, some of the coupons are starting to expire, so I decided to create this little book for her...going back to the birth day and through some of the first days of this precious new life.  Granted, it is not my best work, but it was super easy!  The Shutterfly software is somewhat limited as far as the creative process...but it is FREE.  Free, that is, if you can stop at the 20 pages. No.  I can't. 

With the eight extra pages, shipping & handling, this hardcover photobook cost just $15.  Free?  No. But a pretty great deal.


And...if you are yet to stick your toes into digital scrapbooking, give it a try.  You will like the outcome.  I promise.

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  1. The baby photos are great! I wish there were a way to enlarge them.