Wednesday, October 2, 2013


This past Sunday was the 2013 Race for the Cure.  I still haven't found out why it was on September is always the first Sunday in October!

Oh well. We walked.  We supported.  We care.
As in the seven years past, it is a special day of celebration at our house.  The big C touched our lives and we will never forget.  I am always full of emotion on Pink Sunday.  I have a really small family who walk beside me, and my love and gratitude largely goes unsaid during the entire 5K as I walk with a seven-year lump in my throat.  However, we have a great time together -- lots of chatter and laughter.
It feels really great to be the center of their universe for just a short 3.5 miles.  I let them dote on me. I feel S P E C I A L (the 1 in 8).  (The other 3,000 pink t-shirt gals will understand).  It's personal.

We had a new walker rider this grandson makes the day just a tiny bit more special!  
The weather turned so nice, we had to invent a hat for him.
Seemed fitting he wore one of my old
Ford Warrior-in-Pink scarves.

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