Friday, February 17, 2012


Thought I'd play along with "crush week."

Main crush:
Loved this man for a very long time...
Faces crush:
Love these faces.  They'll always be "kids" to me.
Furry crush:
Miss Gracie Lou
Queen of the Castle
Guilty crush:
Revenge is the best TV show to come along in quite some time!
Jewelry crush:
Got a bracelet for Christmas.  Got these charms for Valentine's day.
Scrapbook crush:
Can't scrap without it (even though mine is first generation).
Food crush:
Could eat sushi morning, noon & night.
Music crush:
Love her!
It's a tie:
He's just hot.
Game crush:
If you're on FB, you must try Hidden Chronicles!
I'm addicted.
It reminds me of the Highlights Magazine (hidden pictures)
from my youth (they still make those?).
Genius FB!

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