Monday, February 27, 2012

The Law of Murphy

What can go wrong, will go wrong.

Last Sunday, we noticed damp carpet in our bedroom.  I don't mean damp.  I mean wet soaked.  Seems our 55-gallon fish tank has been slowly leaking for God knows how long.  It just took a good long time for the water to seep out, invade the bedroom, and soak the carpet, the pad, the drywall, and the mopboards until I noticed it. 

Ever had to drain and move a fish tank?  So not fun!  So time consuming.  So back breaking.

On Wednesday, High Wind Warnings were posted for the west side of the Front Range including the Foothills and Continental Divide, a classic “Colorado Hurricane” setup with 80-100 mph wind gusts expected. “Most of the gusts will be in the 55-75 mph range,” so said meteorologist Jennifer Broome. In our town, gusts were recorded at 77 mph.  Took down our 6' wooden fence.  Ever try to corral a wandering dog who loves to run and give good chase? 

Then to top it all off, yesterday, Bill decides to run a quick errand with Gracie in tow.  Approximately two seconds later, I hear a loud crash.  I'm thinking that we've lost another section of fencing.  Nope.  Bill's back.  He accidentally crashed the car into our garage door (in the down position).  Seriously?  Who does that?

Yes, I took pictures.  Every single catastrophe has been properly documented.

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