Wednesday, February 1, 2012

February Photo Prompts

This month, I want to be prompt with the prompts!  Not even a few days late!  If you are a Project Lifer, this list is waaayyy more than necessary, but hoping you may find a good idea or two for your book.

So, what are you planning to capture this month?  Here are my ideas:
  • February 1-14, I plan to search for and take a photo of a heart(shape) every day...for 14 days
  • National Wear Red Day on the 3rd
  • World Cancer Day on the 4th (near & dear)
  • Superbowl on the 5th
  • Red!
  • Pink!
  • Chocolate
  • Candy
    • heart-shaped
    • conversation hearts
  • Sending/receiving Valentines
  • Shopping for a card?
    • I love the Hallmark store for this shot
    • The card aisle in your supermarket is good too!
  • Your valentine
    • got a hot date?
    • dinner out or dinner in
    • gift exchange?
  • Snow or ice in your neck of the woods?
  • Winter sports/activities
    • skiing
    • ice skating
    • snowball fight
    • snowmen
    • shoveling snow
    • scraping cars
  • Love gestures:  kissing, holding hands, hugging
  • President's Day (long 3-day weekend for some...going anywhere?)
  • Ash Wednesday on the 22nd
  • Flag Day on the 24th
  • This year is leap year, make sure to get a shot on February 29
    • Something with the date on it:  receipt, tickets
    • Calendar shot
    • Computer screen capture
    • iphone capture
My number one photo idea for the month:
You know all the youngsters are doing it these days.
Why not "heart-hand" what you love most?
Forever memorialized.

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