Friday, March 9, 2012

Friday Freebie

You may have noticed my new "motto" over there to the right.  I was inspired by this photo I found on pinterest.  It is so me.

So...I now have a motto for my photographic endeavors, but I also wanted a piece of framed artwork for my scrapbook studio.  I went a little overboard and couldn't decide on what color I wanted.  After several different versions all pasted on my wall, I decided on black and white. 

Frame is from Hobby Lobby (50% off!)

Since I had done all that work so many other choices, I decided to put them up here on the blog for my followers:

Free download:

Print the images just as you would any other photo using a photo lab such as Costco, Shutterfly, or Walgreens.  Or, do as I do and print on your home printer.  I printed mine on 90# smooth white (index weight) cardstock. The images are 8×10 in size. Matte and frame and you’ll have a positive reminder in your home to keep goin’ and shootin'

Terms of use:
  • Prints are offered here for followers only.  If you're not a follower, please sign up - and  Welcome aboard!
  • Prints are for personal use only. They are not to be resold for any type of profit. 
Designed by Judy.  If you have any questions, please contact me at

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