Saturday, March 31, 2012

Mega Losers

Bill and I decided to do a financially unwise thing and take a chance at winning the $640 million dollar Mega Millions lottery.  It’s not a smart use of our limited funds, because the odds of winning are 1 in 176 million (higher odds of getting hit by lightening).   But, ya gotta be in the game to win.  Right?

We don’t typically play the lottery until the jackpot gets so big and the hype is more than we can bear.   So, we threw common sense to the wind for a chance to dream.   Bill bought his tickets and I bought mine.  Different store locations.  Different methods of picking the winning numbers.  We played numbers that are special to us.  Birthdays, anniversarys and lucky numbers.  If we're gonna play, then we're gonna be serious about it.  Geesh! 

During our Thursday evening walk with our dog, we joked over what we would do with the windfall.  Sure, we'd like to pay off the house, help our kids, travel, and maybe splurge on hiring a chef and a personal trainer...but really, what would we do with that much money?  It sure made the hourly walk with Gracie go much faster; and I think for those three miles, there was a bounce in our step.

We had a bit of fun.  It is fun to dream. 

Today, we realize that we are just two of the millions who didn't win a dime.  The dreaming is over.  Time to get back to reality.

I'm feeling rather stupid.  I take little consolation in knowing that plenty of people don't win the lottery the first few thousand times they play, but for those lucky three winners...a small "woo hoo."


  1. We can so *ditto* your and your husband's story, Judy! We also bought 5 tickets, and Saturday evening, Russ announced, "Well, I have to go to work on Monday morning, after all!" The $5 we spent was worth the dreaming. It would have cost much more to go to the movies, right? Like you, we are back to reality! Maybe next time!

    1. Hi Kay...Was thinking the same this morning as I was headed into work...

  2. HEy Judy just want to say that I love your blog and I am excited to be working with you over at Let's Scrap this term. Just want to say about the lotto... you gotta be in it to win it :D