Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Project Life - Weeks 10 & 11

I am publicly giving up the notion that I can ever be caught up.  Just isn't gonna happen.  I am freeing myself from the pressure of deadlines.  Oh, I feel better already! 

Here's Week 10:

...and Week 11:

Nothing special to note..however I am still adding several design cuts made with my Silhouette machine.  The heart paw print is hand cut from printed scrapbook paper.   I have decided to mount some of my embellishments on the outside of the page protector instead of on the photo (never know what may/not happen to the photos in the future, but I want to preserve their integrity).

I'm beginning to see a couple of trends:
  1. Lots of Gracie pics.  She's such a willing subject.
  2. I do like to color coordinate!
I think that wherever we are in the PL journey, is the right place to be.  In case you're wondering, this is where I'm at:

Completed & Shared: Weeks 1-11
Completed & Not Shared:
Journaling: through Week 11
To Fill: Weeks 12,& 13
Pictures to Print: Weeks 12 &13
I'm Busy Living Week:  14

Done & documented!  Moving on...

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  1. Sometimes, taking the pressure off allows you to move forward more freely, Judy! Creativity cannot be rushed! Loving your book of everyday moments!