Monday, April 23, 2012

Why Do We Do It?

Just one question.  Why?

Why do we scrapbook? Why do we take the time to record our memories? Is it for ourselves?  For our family?  Generations yet to come?  Because it makes us healthy, wealthy and wise?  (Definitely not the wealthy's just a tad bit expensive, isn't it?  Unless, of course, you're a professional scrapbooker.) 

With the 17th anniversary of National Scrapbook Day just around the corner (always the first Saturday of May and a holiday that is observed celebrated! in our house), I thought it might be a good time for some reflection...before the fun and games begin.  What is your motivation?  What are the reasons you pour your heart and soul into your scrapbooks.  What prompts you to include journaling on your page?  (I know several who don't include any words...none whatsoever...for them it's all about the creative process...and that's okay.) 

If we have a clear understanding of why we do it, then we can understand why we make certain product choices, why we choose particular topics to document, and why we write what we write and what gets included.  I also believe that if we know the "why" it will help us through some of the dry times, when inspiration has flown out the window, picture opportunities seem few and far between, and we have a BIG creative block.  We just aren't "feeling" it.  I don't know about you, but that happens to me quite often.

If you know you're trying to capture today's stories for your kids, or to work out your emotions, work through a particularly hard moment, or record the crazy things that happen to you on a daily basis, then there's your reason to return and try again when you get stuck.  It's the why we do it!

Just for today, spend a few minutes thinking about why you scrapbook.  Tell me why in the comments, I'd love to know.


  1. My mother was an artist--a painter and a charcoalist. My daughter inherited that talent, though she is not "developing" it yet. I was left in the middle feeling very left out. Until I found that the "art" inside of me just needed paper and scissors and glue to show itself. I think that is the main reason I scrap--personal fulfillment. The second reason I create scrapbooks is that I refuse to pass on to my daughter a shoebox full of photos of unnamed family and friends (which is what I got!). Ah, and reason #3 is that I have my own business where I create wedding scrapbooks for profit...well profit in that I make money at it...but, actually, it supports my personal scrapbooking habit!

  2. Aw...Kay...I believe creativity is inside every one of us. It just needs to be let out! I'm with you about leaving boxes full of photos for our kids. That's what I inherited. Not good.