Thursday, July 12, 2012

I'm 13 lbs lighter!

Ah...not really, but I sure seem lighter all of the sudden!  It's really 13 inches.

See, I have been growing (and growing) my hair for quite some time.  I got the notion that I would grow it and donate it to Locks of Love probably sometime in 2007 right after I was sure that I wasn't going to lose it from any kind of cancer treatment.  I learned of the organization from my Oncologist.  It seemed to me the very least I could do to help my little sisters. 

Trouble took a long time to grow!  Locks of Love will only accept a minimum donation of 10".  So, I made a new goal.  I would cut it on my 50th birthday.  Ha!  That came and went.  I didn't think I had the required length and I wasn't brave enough to go super short.

So, I waited.

And it grew.

I waited.

And it grew.

And grew.

I've been contemplating the cut for some time.  Just about everyone I asked to weigh in had a differing opinion.  Bill was in the "anti-cutting" group.  In fact, he was the Chairman of the group.  He did not want me to cut it!  Why do men insist they only like women with long hair?

Yesterday was the day!  I made my appointment and started looking for hairstyles that I might be able to wear.  I never thought that an old lady like me should be wearing long hair anyway.  And, it has been hot!  Hot!

Why is it that on the day you cut your hair you have a good-hair day?  Why do you all of the sudden get out-of-the-blue comments about how pretty your hair looks?

I had been so nervous all day...and kinda excited.  But, more nervous.  I can only imagine how I would've handled the hair loss due to cancer. 

So...13 inches off and I've got a new do! I've been playing with the ponytails since they were lopped off.  It seems hard to part with the hair, but I know it will help the children. The envelope is postmarked and ready to go.

My hair hasn't been this short since 1987.  Now, you can see my neck and lookie there...I've got the old-lady gobbler neck! 

Goodbye hair.  I wonder if I will miss the one-hour "doing-my-hair" sessions?


  1. You are so very beautiful, my friend, both inside and out! Your journey here was read by me with anticipation, it ended for me in tears. And lots of pride in your giving!

  2. What a beautiful wonderful thing to do. I like you new style too.

  3. You are beautiful! Love your new look Judy :)
    I'm so proud of you and happy for you!

  4. You guys are so wonderful! Thank you for your sweet comments, encouragement, and support. I'm still in a bit of shock and don't recognize the face in the mirror!

  5. What a beautiful thing to do. You look nice with shorter hair. Thanks for sharing your journey.