Monday, September 24, 2012

Our Saturday Adventure

The last two weekends in September are considered "peak" weekends in Colorado to see the beautiful fall show that Mother Nature puts on for us every year.  I had to put the kabosh on Bill's Saturday tee time.  Nope.  Not golfing.  Going hiking.

We got a late start to the mountains (we always matter how hard we try).  I had mapped out one of several "best Colorado hikes to see the fall Aspen trees" and off we went.  When the trail directions say that 2-wheel drive cars should park here at the fork, they are not kidding.  Not us.  We have a truck.
We parked at the next parking spot available...just outside the Hessie Townsite, but still a hike to the trail head.  We were indeed greeted by some beautiful scenery.

Just 30-40 minutes into the hike, we stumbled upon a beautiful waterfall/stream that we just had to check out.  Over the years, the tumbling, rushing water has worn the rock surface smooth as glass.  Didn't stop us.  Huh uh.  Bill had Gracie and was leaping over the water and rock formations to the edge to get the eagle's eye view.  Well, I can do that.  Sure, I'm not 6' tall, but I can follow his every move. 

I did not make it over the first water cascade.  I slipped and in I went...ass-end first into the cold mountain water rushing over me shoulder to shoes!  By the time Bill had turned around to pose for the picture he was sure I was setting up, he noticed me in the water.  He rushed back to help me out as I couldn't find any place to plant my feet or hands to get out.  Underneath the beauty of rushing water lies slippery, slimy moss-covered rocks! 

(This photo
and that photo
have been
removed by
the author.)

The very first words out of Bill's mouth were, "Oh my god, you've ruined your iphone!"  Really?  Did you want to know if I'm okay? 

After the shock and the embarrassment had subsided, I began to take inventory of my water soaked hiking gear.
  • iphone wet & ruined.  Check. 
  • Camera & case soaked.  Check.  Ruined?  Not sure.  
  • Pack, shorts, undergarments, hiking shoes & socks wet? Check. Check. Check. Check. Check.
Thank goodness I'm a tough broad and have experience in Camp Fire Girls (lol).  Thank goodness it was a hot, beautiful day.  Thank goodness I'm a scrapbooker and a storyteller.  Onward.

When we got to the lake to set up for picnic lunch, I finally had to undress, air out, and dry off.  Off came just about everything (without getting charged with indecent exposure, that is).  Plus, there was so many people there.  It was like a highway in the hills!  Seems we weren't the only ones wanting to hike and see the leaves.
Nobody enjoys the day more than Gracie!

I did not ever dry completely.  I did have to hike down with damp clothing.  Let me just say that wet hiking shoes & socks are the worst...lots of chafing and wrinkled skin.

The payoff:
Lost Lake
As we were unloading our packs and getting ready to leave, I spotted a huge animal coming towards the truck.  Holy cow!  I thought it was an elk.  The first thing I noticed was its antlers.  Didn't take me long to realize it was a moose.  The biggest...darn...moose...I've...ever...seen.  Just 20' from me.  He was grunting and grazing through the meadow.

I had to google that beard-thingy.  It was so long
it grazed the ground.
Now I know it's called a dewlap or bell.
Oh yes.  Massive payoff.  Majestic really.

At the end of the day...big smiles.

I'll do it again.  And again.


  1. Beautiful pics and what a funny story Judy!! Glad you are ok, sorry your iphone got ruined but WoW.. look at the pics!! ;0)

  2. Wow what amazing photos and such a funny story.. love that you took the photos out.. hee hee.. sorry you damaged your i-phone.. I know how expensive they are to fix and replace.. eeek.. Just love that pic of the moose.. wow.. never actually seen a pic of one like that with the beard.. that is so freaky ! Hugs, Mich

  3. You are a wonderful storyteller, indeed, Judy! Sorry Bill, this sure beats golf. Great photos! I've landed in water like that in Maine...not fun, but alas, i have yet to see my first moose!

  4. Beautiful essay! I love the beauty of this nature and the moose, wow, amazing!