Thursday, September 6, 2012

Twenty-One Years Ago...

So, how was your Labor Day holiday?  Mine was fantastic!  It also happens to be our anniversary.  Even though it is not a wedding anniversary, I still call it an anniversary.  An anniversary of a union.  An anniversary of our couple-dom.  An anniversary of my second chance at love.  An anniversary of a great love affair.

We decided to celebrate for the whole weekend.  Just like 100,000+ other Denver-ites we headed to the mountains for a long, glorious, three-day mini-vacay.  A mere 4.5 hours later (think mass exodus traffic), we landed in Glenwood Springs, home of the world's largest hot springs pool & spa (the thermal spring produces 3,500,000 million gallons of hot water every day).  We love this pool. We love this town. This destination also happens to be the very first place Bill and I ever went away to together.  Yup, 21 years ago on a motorcycle (definitely a tale for another time).  It holds special memories for us.  There is also a quaint little italian restaurant that is very special as well.  We eat here every time we visit.

So.  I'm at the pool...thinking I could still be a swimmer...tried to swim some laps in the very warm water.  Oh my goodness, I'm old.  I could hardly get through 10.  Took a break.  Tried 10 more.  That's it.  Got out the floaty-chair-thingy and did my fair share of people watching.  We do love to soak in the 104 degree therapeutic pool.  Did ya know that natural hot springs have a sulphuric smell? stinks!  Bill calls it the human stew pot, (I know...bad image), but it really is good for the joints and relaxation!

A moonlight stroll by the pool after dinner.
On Sunday, we played the Lakota Ridge Golf Course.  Ranked as the #3 public golf course in the state of Colorado.  Just beautiful.  It is known for its elevated tee boxes, and I was surprised to find an old cemetary on the top of one of the mountains.  I got out of the golf cart and was in photography-heaven (until it was my turn).  Who would have known there was this treasured space up here?

On Monday, we drove to Aspen to hike (and see) the world famous Maroon Bells.  They are the most photographed mountain range in America.  They are spectacular.  I was a bit surprised to find out that one cannot just drive to them anymore.  The City of Aspen has shut off the road and you must ride (and pay) the bus to the trailhead.  Bummer.  But, the trip is so worth it.  I don't recall ever being here.  It is not to be missed.

We lunched in Aspen.

...they are beary friendly there. 

Hoping to avoid the dreaded I-70 (highway) traffic jam home, we drove home over scenic Independence Pass.  The aspen trees are already turning their brilliant golden color (thanks to cooler temperatures and a drought) they are very early this year. 

We've been to some fabulous places all over the world and seen some great things, but let me tell you Colorado has some of the most beautiful mountains and scenic byways...we vow to stop taking our own backyard for granted.

A super end to a super weekend.  Love ya, my man.  Here's to another 21.  Yes...I think it will last.

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  1. What gorgeous photography, Judy! I have been to international places, but, in the States, never west of Kansas City! It is out plan to head west in our travel trailer as soon as Russ retires. He can't wait to show me how beautiful it is "out west"! Thanks for sharing, and congratulations on the very special anniversary!