Monday, December 3, 2012

DIY Scrapbook Coasters

Once again I participated in the Handmade Gift Exchange. This is my second one and they are lots of fun.

My "secret" recipient loves snowmen.  So, I wanted to design a project around that fat, happy, round white guy.  I also knew I wanted to make coasters, so I designed a 8" x 12" scrapbook page!  I adhered the title and the stickers just like I would for my scrapbook (I might mention that an 8" x 8" scrapbook page would fit perfectly over four coasters).

Here's what you need for the coasters:
  1. Mod Podge
  2. Paper/design/scrapbook page (your stash is waiting to be busted)
  3. 4" x 4" square tiles (any will do...look for the ones on clearance...I got grey slate tiles @ Home Depot for $.30/ea)
  4. Felt bumpers (optional, but you will want to protect the furniture!)
  5. Clear Acrylic spray (added protection for sweaty, drippy drink glasses)
Cut the paper design of your choice (it doesn't have to be a scrapbook page) to fit your tiles. I cut mine a little shy of 4" because I did not want the paper to hang over the edge of the tile.

Paper & Stickers:  Echo Park Winter Wishes
Title: Cut with my Silhouette
The first coat of Mod Podge goes directly on the tile.

Isn't that a nice crafting dish for Mod Podge?
Red Solo Cup...I fill you up.
Then, Mod Podge the paper onto the tile, making sure to get it nice and smooth. Let dry. Give it a second coating if you wish. I did two coats.  I brushed each coat on in opposite directions.

When the Mod Podge was dry, I distressed the edges with a sanding block just a bit.

I chose to "seal" mine with a clear spray sealer.

Finally, I added felt "bumper" pads to the bottom of the tiles -- no scratched furniture here. 

There you have it.  The coasters turned out adorable.  These are perfect for a holiday party, kinda like a puzzle - interactive and functional!  What d'ya think?  Will my "secret" recipient like 'em?

Imagine how cute these would be with a full-size, family portrait!

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