Tuesday, February 18, 2014

(in)Famous Couples Subway Art

With a new grandbaby, most of my free time has been zapped with babysitting.  Not that I mind, however, I really love this Grandma time with Gavin.  He's already getting so big!  But...along with that, means I have less and less time for some of my other loves.

I decided not to buy Valentine's this year.  Everyone got something homemade.  I had really good intentions and had loads of holiday inspiration (thank you, pinterest).  Well, let's just say...eight-month-old babies don't cooperate!  I had to sideline my big project for my dear daughter.  Gavin was having none of it.  I'm so glad I did get the onesie and the shoes done.

The big kids got pretzel hugs.  We usually make these at Christmas, but this year they were tweaked with pink & red.  Still just as yummy.
Bill is on a new "wheat free" diet. Don't ask.  It's always something with him.  He got none.

I have had a "famous couples" project in my head for quite some time.  I had planned to make a really big one on canvas for the upstairs loft.  I really had no idea what to get him this year.  It donned on me on Thursday, that I could just do a subway art famous couples and frame it for him.  Much smaller.  So easy. The hardest part was editing the famous couples.  There are many, and of course, I wanted them all.
It's been awhile since I made subway art.  I have made several...mostly for friends/gifts.  I had not made one for us.  This one is 8" x 10" all done in Photoshop on a chalkboard background. Took me all about 4 hours total.

Maybe I'll do another.  Bigger.  Someday...

I think it turned out great.  He loved it.

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