Friday, February 14, 2014

Valentine's Gifts for an 8-Month-Old

Been playing with my Cameo and the Heat Transfer Vinyl (HTV).  I am in love with HTV!  So easy to work with, so easy to cut, and transfers like a dream!  Don't look too closely, as I am still a novice, and you will notice some boo boos.

The "muffin" shape is from the a cupcake card design in the Silhouette online store.  I just took off the "foo foo" so it looked more like a muffin boyish.
Of course the backside, got some HTV love too.
As for the shoes, I am 100% sure the red vinyl will not stay on permanently for two reasons:
1.  He's a boy
2.  He's a boy

I'm just hoping for a couple of really great photographs for Mr. G's first Valentine's Day!

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