Tuesday, February 4, 2014

World Cancer Day

February 4, 2014
World Cancer Day 
First, I want to share this beautiful, touching commercial from the Super Bowl.  I thought the commercials this year were mostly mediocre (which is a whole lot better than the game!).  I digress.   This one got me.  This one hits a little close to home.
Beautifully done Chevy.
I really wanted to acknowledge the tagline at the end. World Cancer Day. A day to remember those we've lost, to honor those still fighting, and to give thought to the ones who will be diagnosed today and every day, until cancer is no more.
For those of you who know me, I don't dwell on cancer.  I live like it was simply a bump in the road.  It does not affect my day-to-day life.  However, I just celebrated my 8th anniversary of being cancer free...
Woo to the hoo!
...and exactly seven days later, I mourn the loss of my mom to cancer.  I hate January 27 and have for sixteen years.  
I saw the Stand Up to Cancer movement today on FB.  I wanted to participate. 
I'll bet there's someone in your life that you can stand up for.  If you would like to participate, you can find the placard here or you can download an app and use your phone to upload your photo.
One small request.  Please take a moment out of your day to remember, honor, and think about all that cancer does.  All of the lives it has touched.  Can you even imagine a world where cancer doesn't exist?  I can't.

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